A downloadable game for Windows

Follow the story of a boy searching for his own mind in this original arcade story-driven survival horror game.

Menu controls: move with the Arrow Keys and confirm with Spacebar

Tutorial ingame.


Programming: Silver978

Art: SaiNeko08

Music: McMarkus

Listen to the offical OST here: https://starbacon.bandcamp.com/album/where-ost

Install instructions

Download the ".exe" file and double-click on it: the game will start.

Have fun and thank you for playing!


Where ? 53 MB


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This was quite an interesting experience to say the least! I wasn't 100% sure of what I was getting myself into where I first started but once I got a feel for everything and began to pick up the patterns I kind of figured things out... although it did still take me an overly long time to beat the first level!

I also realised while I was editing my video that the map is a LOT more useful than I gave it credit for, but that definitely came to my aid in the second level haha!

All in all this was a satisfactorily creepy game, and although I did only manage to find one of the endings there's enough here to make me want to dive in and try again! Keep up the great work =)



Thank you so much for your interest in our game and for your awesome video: we had a lot of fun by watching your gameplay!
We know that "Where ?" is a bit hard but we wanted to let the player obtain the victory and the endings with his own effort in order to valorize his work. :)
We are very happy for your words: our main objective was to increase your curiosity in the discovery of all the endings and also of the final and secret ending!
This game has a complex story behind it...good luck in unveiling all the secrets of "Where ?"!

Thank you again and keep up the great work too,
Eternium Galaxy

P.S: we are working on a big update for this game...stay tuned!

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Il più bel gioco horror che abbia mai visto ... sono un ragazzo che fa video su Youtube mi chiamo Matt11pixel, porterò sicuramente il vostro gioco sul mio canale.

Grazie infinite per il tuo commento e apprezziamo moltissimo quello che hai detto! Ma certo, appena carichi il video facci sapere così ci diamo un'occhiata subito! A presto! :)


Pretty fun, nice art style!


We are really happy that you appreciated our work!
Thank you very much!