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Play the Alpha version of Zimbli41 only for PC!

This is my very first game and is based on the Zimbli41's experience against bad robots.

Zimbli41 is able to move underground by pressing the SPACE BAR, while he is on the holes, to avoid the enemies for a limited time and rise up to fight by using the CTRL button.
Survive as long as you can and reach the best score.

Made in three days for the #indiesvsgamers jam.
After the jam I updated the game by publishing the version 2.0!

Menu music: Chibi Ninja by Eric Skiff (http://ericskiff.com/music/).

Game music by Markus.

Listen to the offical OST here: https://starbacon.bandcamp.com/album/zimbli41-alpha-ost

Note: it's useful to have a GameJolt account in order to submit your highscores!

Thanks for playing and have fun with Zimbli41!

Silver978 and SaiNeko08.

Install instructions

Download the ".exe" file and double-click on it to open the Alpha version of Zimlbi41: have fun!


Zimbli41 Alpha Version 3 MB

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